Logic and Fiction: Notes on Finance and the Power of Recursivity

In The Psychopathologies of Cognitive Capitalism Part Two (forthcoming), eds. M.Pasquinelli and W. Neidich, Berlin: Archive Books, 2014

“We have to create the real possibility of our fiction, certainly. Create the real possibility of our fiction which is a generic fiction in a new form, the new localisation is probably a question of a new political courage.”(1) – [...]

Glitches in Orality and the Stakes of Semantics: A Conversation with Jodi Dean

C Magazine v.120, December 2013

In your monograph Blog Theory: Feedback and Capture in the Circuits of Drive, you deploy the medium of the blog to address the general cultural condition set in motion as a result of our everyday participation in networked communications. The [...]

Sentences on Drifting

continent. Issue 3.2, 2013

1. To drift is to be propelled by currents. 2. Sentences are textual currents. 3. To drift is to be compelled with currents. 4. To be compelled is to be overcome by some force. 5. To be overcome by some [...]

Who told you so?! – The Collective Story vs. The Individual Narrative

(book) Onomatopee, 2013

With the heroic hands of the people / Compatriots, let’s show erect our / Forehead, proud of today for / The history of an entire people / Our fathers, the people, valiant and bold / At the virile protest of [...]

Dancing in the Face of Danger – Hito Steyerl in Conversation with Patricia Reed

C Magazine v.117, March 2013

Contesting the modern obsession of decontaminating a reality of “mere” appearances to uncover authentic truths, the work of artist and writer Hito Steyerl delivers us into worlds where the offspring of fiction and fact plot out staccato-like narratives. Her practice [...]

Economies of Common Infinitude

In Intangible Economies, ed. Antonia Hirsch, Vancouver: Fillip Folio, 2012

The long and ongoing engagement with ethics in the context of philosophy and in living itself can be encapsulated by the Ancient idea of eudaimonia—the search for a good, the search for a way of being, acting and orienting oneself [...]

Institutions by Artists (Vol. 1)

Reprint of Architectural Space as Agent with M. Miessen & K. Cupers in Fillip Editions – Folio Series

Markus Miessen: The Winter School, which is now in its third year of programming, attempts to set up and offer a non-profit space that accommodates an opposition. An opposition not in the sense of necessarily being “against” something, but rather [...]

Symposium zur Kunst-Allmend

Lecture on the Geometry of the Commons, at the Dampfzentrale Bern, CH, April 23 2014 | 19-22:00

Inclinations #10

Bettina Steinbrügge speaking at Inclinations #10, Or Gallery Berlin: Modes of Curatorial Practice: Between Art, Cinema and Performance Apr 15, 7:30pm.


Inclinations #9

Daniel Colucciello Barber speaking at Inclinations #9, Or Gallery Berlin: Can Unpossessed Knowledge Fabulate Without Speculation? Mar 11, 7:30pm.

Inclinations #8

Isabell Lorey speaking at Inclinations #8, Or Gallery Berlin: The Government of the Precarious. Insecurity, Virtuosity, Exodus Feb 19, 7:30pm.

Inclinations #7

Anthony Iles speaking at Inclinations #7, Or Gallery Berlin: Is the Intentional Abolition of Art Only More Art? Jan 14, 7:30pm!

Inclinations #6

Iris Dressler and Hans D. Christ speaking at Inclinations #6, Or Gallery Berlin: Speaking about, with, or nearby? Dec 17, 7:30pm!

Who told you so?! – The Collective Story vs. The Individual Narrative

Insert piece for Onomatopee’s amazing new book. Check it out here.

New Book! Verses of a Nameless Land

Published by Onomatopee, (NL); Designed by Inedition
August 2013
ISBN 9789491677052
11 X 17 cm, 156 Pages, softcover
More on the project here

Inclinations #5

Armen Avanessian and Andreas Töpfer speaking at Inclinations #5, Or Gallery Berlin, on Drawing Speculative Poetics? August 5, 7:30pm!

Inclinations #4

Wietske Maas and Matteo Pasquinelli, July 17, 730pm! On Urban Cannibalism